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Feeling you’re not getting the most from your EVE experience? Alpha Flight is Recruiting :D
To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET
Who are Alpha Flight?
Alpha Flight is a friendly and mature[ish] corporation based in Providence5, our member base is primarily active during EU timezone and most prominent within EVE from around 17:00 to midnight. We are looking to improve our US and AU presence - we do have a couple of guys online but it’s far from our strongest activity period.

Our leadership is experienced and has been playing for over 10 years, the corporation prides itself on friendship and having fun - we are looking for players of the same mentality, should anyone ask for help we would like our members to step up where possible.

We don’t require our members login every single day, we know families, jobs and life come first - though we are passionate about EVE. We try to encourage meetups and out of game events where possible which helps to develop kinsmanship. We’ve had a presence at various out of game events including EVE fanfest and EVE Manchester; we have met many of the pilots we fly with in and around Providence.

Where we are?
We are members of a fair sized NRDS (not red don’t shoot) community known as Provibloc, meaning we will not attack entities who are of no significant threat, any non-hostile entities are welcome to live amongst us in Providence. We do not condone piracy, scamming or socially challenged behaviour.

While Providence is primarily considered a role play environment, many of the community do not role play - including Alpha Flight.

What we do?
  • Upgraded Systems for exploration and mining, thus the opportunity for making isk.
  • Assistance with logistics and getting your stuff safely into Providence.
  • Access to a jump bridge network which covers the whole of Providence.
  • Access to many outposts, citadels, and their facilities - with tax benefits of blue standings.
  • Game related help and advice from experienced long-term players.
  • Access to many custom tools such as our Providence KOS Checker
  • Alliance and coalition comms (mumble)
  • Slack - get fleet notifications while out of game
  • No mandatory CTAs, though defending your home is appreciated and encouraged
  • A good community to be amongst
To actively encourage our members to participate in pvp we offer;
  • Small to large scale fleets with experienced FCs.
  • Doctrines to work towards
  • Ship Replacement Programs (SRP).
  • PvP Reward Program.
  • Special interest groups such as Black Ops
  • FREE t1 frigs, destroyers and cruisers
  • FREE basic skillbooks relating to PvP
Every decent corporation also needs a good industry backbone to help build ships for people to blow up, or to make isk with. We are constantly striving to improve our industry side.
  • Mining operations
  • Access to low-tax PI
  • Corporation buyback program
  • Extensive BPC library to build from including capital ships.
I am interested, how do I get in?
First of all please be aware a full non-expiring API key will be required for all your accounts and characters, any alts should be identified during the application process. This is required for the security of our members, as well as yourself.

We have an in-game public channel EVE-FLEET, to get started you should join this channel and state your intentions to join, hang out and talk to our members while we see if we are a suitable match for each other. At which point further instructions will be given to put the application in to corporation and send your API details.

It is not unusual for the application process to take a couple of days while we evaluate you, it is expected you have a little patience. There is no point in having you join our corporation and then leave after a few days because it’s not for you - that doesn’t benefit anybody it just wastes both your time and ours.
To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET
Lost Packet
Alpha Flight CEO

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